Thursday, July 06, 2006

Avoid Apollo's Greek Kitchen Delivery

Apollo's Greek Kitchen has been a disappointment since I moved to the Short North of Columbus this year. I've given it three tries just to be fair. Try #1: I ordered a Gyro Sub in the shop, asked for no mayo and got... loads of mayo, of course. Try #2: My family made an order for delivery: hummos, pita, a gyro and some veggies. They waited sixty minutes for a delivery that they were told would take a half an hour. Try #3: My family and some visitors made an order for delivery: kalamari, hummos, pita, potato wedges, supreme steak sub, regular gyro, chicken gyro, feta and olives plate, and some spanakopita. This time, we waited one hour and forty minutes for delivery. After an hour, we called and were told that the delivery was "already out the door and on its way." It's a five minute drive from Apollo's to our front door.

Apart from service, the quality of Apollo's food leaves much to be desired. The sub rolls have the doughy, unremarkable consistency of Wonder Bread. The kalamari, besides being lukewarm, was unremarkable in flavor and consistency. Although the potato wedges were not soggy, they had little to their flavor other than Lawry's seasoned salt. We were given four or five pitas with which to eat a very small amount of hummos -- not a thimblefull, but not much more. The feta and olive plate were good, but Apollo's preparation of these was minimal: pour some pre-made kalamata olives on a plate, cut up some pre-made feta, and there you go.

I wanted to like Apollo's; that's why I tried their food three times. The operation is small and apparently family-owned, and I thought of them as an underdog operation next door to more corporate-seeming, soulless places such as Blues Barbecue. But the service has been really rotten on a consistent basis, and I just don't have much good to say about the food.

The next place I'll be trying for good Mediterranean near the Short North will be The Happy Greek; I'll get back to you soon about that.


At 8:04 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have eaten' Apollos for six years while attending OSU. It is a mom and pop store that bends over to make their clients happy. It is the best Gyros on campus, and at 2am, after studying hard on the weekend, there are no challengers to Apollos!

Buckeyes f-ing rock

At 12:20 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love Apollo's, but their delivery service sucks. It's probably because its so damn packed all the time. I like the Happy Greek as well. I'd rather pay 5 or 6 dollars at Apollo's than pay 20 dollars at the Happy Greek for the same amount of food.(Oh yeah, you gotta tip too!)


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