Monday, July 10, 2006

Chittenden Veterinary Clinic: A Positive Experience

I just had a very good experience with Chittenden Veterinary Clinic, up at 239 Chittenden Avenue (with parking just north of 11th Ave. and just west of North 4th St.). My cat had been treated two months ago in North Carolina for a snakebite to the neck, but had developed an abcess and was bleeding again. After making a call at 9:00 am, I was able to have him seen at 11:00 am. I didn't have time to make arrangements for my young kids, so I had to bring them with me, and when the staff there saw my situation they brought us all right back to a room and tended to my cat immediately, offering crayons and paper to the kids just as they began to squirm. The folks at Chittenden were thorough in assessing and treating my cat's condition, and spoke clearly and non-patronizingly to me, explaining just what was happening at what I needed to continue to do at home.

In addition to the kid-friendly, attentive atmosphere, I understand that the Chittenden clinic is gay-friendly. No, not to your gay pet, but to gay and lesbian couples that bring in their animals for treatment. They're not so intolerant and square as to give same-sex couples a hard time when they're just trying to take care of their little ones.

This is a big deal for the Short North neighborhood, a place with enough gay and lesbian density to sport a t-shirt with the caption "Fido Has Two Mommies" in a High Street shop window. Whether by design or by feeling, Chittenden has marked out a good LGB-friendly vet reputation.

In sum, I had a great experience at Chittenden and I expect that you will as well, regardless of whether you fit in larger "mainstream" Ohio culture or not.


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