Saturday, July 22, 2006

Spaghetti Warehouse: Expensive and Completely Forgettable

Last night, I tried out the Short North's Cafe Courier service (at, which delivers restaurant food straight to your home. I ordered mozzarella sticks, a house salad, chicken fettucine alfredo and tiramisu. All of these were bland -- the mozzarella sticks cost $7 but were of the $2 supermarket variety. The house salad contained iceberg lettuce. The chicken fettucine alfredo was quite bland, and it was clear the chicken was prepared separately and "grilled" with pre-made coloring. The tiramisu for dessert was entirely forgettable, lacking all the subtlety of a real tiramisu. Really, it was just cake with some chocolate sauce dribbled over it. I didn't hate any of the food, but none of it stood out. I just can't imagine why I'd head back for that sort of food again.

The Cafe Courier service, it should be said, was excellent. I was able to order online, it was very clear which restaurants would deliver to my house and when, there was only a minimal service charge and the nice delivery guy even came by a few minutes early. While I don't recommend the Spaghetti Warehouse to you, perhaps some of the other restaurants using Cafe Courier might be worth a shot.


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